our methodology

IWP emphasizes experience as a basis for learning and transformation, and each of our courses and retreats honors the unique wisdom of every participant. Different forms of daily mindfulness practices and meditation are integrated into the daily routine and are designed to help participants develop peace within to form the foundation of a balanced personal and activist life. The methodology combines learning through experiential learning activities, discussion and spiritual practices. Experiential learning activities help participants go beyond the intellectual and information; it incorporates a holistic model in which participants use head, heart, hands, and spirit (intellectual, emotional, kinesthetic, and spiritual modalities) in the learning process.

Our approach incorporates Buddhist/spiritual teachings as well as practice. Learning the ideas of peace and justice and at the same time practicing what one is working towards requires the training of the mind to build awareness; awareness helps us to be mindful of how we act talk and think so that they are in harmony with what we want to change or promote.