our work in the region

Ladakh, northern India

The Ladakh Nuns Association is an NGO run by Ladakhi nuns to support nuns’ basic needs as well as in spiritual and secular education.  IWP has worked with LNA as an ally offering trainings on leadership, team building, and engaged Buddhism, and support with organizational development.  Staff from LNA have attended several IWP courses and the organization’s founder and director, Ven. Tsering Palmo has led retreats at our center in Thailand.  We are humbled and inspired by the spiritual activism of LNA and the positive impact they have had for women in Ladakh.

Sri Lanka

Since 2005, we have worked with independent feminist peace activists and community organizations in Sri Lanka offering workshops on engaged Buddhism and feminism, Peacebuilding, and Nonviolent Direct Action.  Co-facilitating with participants who have attended IWP’s regional Buddhism and Peacebuilding course, we are organizing a workshop for October 2010 on spiritual activism, focusing on feminist practice and nonviolent action.

Dalit communities in India

Since 2005, women from community based foundations in the Dalit communities of central India have attended our regional Buddhism and Peacebuilding course.  In November 2010 we will co-facilitate a workshop  on spiritual activism, focusing on gender, peacebuilding and nonviolent action.


IWP has worked as allies to the Burma democracy movements and the ethnic nationalities movements since we began.  We have offered workshops in leadership, gender, peacebuilding and nonviolent action to a range of women’s organizations, exiled political groups, and youth organizations.  We continue to serve as resource people when requested to organizations in the movement.