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International Women`s Partnership for Peace and Justice (IWP) is a local, spiritual based feminist organization working to support grassroots women`s activism in Thailand and the Asian region. Founded in 2002, IWP leads  workshops, retreats and training  courses which share in common  the  integration of feminism, social  action and spirituality for  sustainability and transformation  at the personal, community and  society levels.

Building on freelance work we have done throughout Thailand and the region since 1997, our goal is to work systematically and strategically with grassroots groups over a sustained period of time, practicing a partnership culture that has spirituality as a core foundation of social activism.  This is our effort to create alternatives to the hierarchical systems that dominate mainstream institutions and even progressive social movements. Currently, we work with women`s organizations, community peace groups, NGOs and grassroots activists in Thailand, Burma, India, and Sri Lanka.